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JILI is the best game production team as a starting point for game developers. The pursuit of excellence and innovation are the core values of the production team, it's easy to find something that suits your personal taste.

  • Chin Shi Huang
  • Shanghai Beauty
  • BaoBoonChin
  • SevenSevenSeven
  • GoldenBank
  • Formosa Bear
  • Bubble Beauty
  • FortunePig

Chin Shi Huang

Legend has it that the brave is a symbol of wealth. It can bring you a lot of wealth, and playing Fortune Treasure from Kadoop will bring you good luck and a lot of money! Fortune Treasure's continuous spin feature allows players to get more free opportunities and multipliers in the game.

  • Huge 4x6 board and 4096 paylines.
  • Higher chances of getting Scatter, with rewards for each appearance.
  • Increased number of rounds and win rate in demo games.
  • Multipliers up to 2000x.

Shanghai Beauty

In this game, there are Han character symbols and Zen artifact symbols, close your eyes and you will be captivated by the melody of the Chinese guzheng. If any combination of these symbols appears on any wheel, your reward will be doubled.

  • 4x5 board and 50 paylines.
  • Demo game can be extended to 8x5 board.
  • The combination of Wild Beauty can bring better and easier paylines.
  • Multipliers up to 1000x


"Bao Qingtian - the sword of righteousness from heaven. All the wilds are waiting for you!" Random all wheel wilds and get 500x bonus on all wilds, extra multiplier +1 on triggers in free game wilds reels. enjoy unique gameplay.

  • 3x5 board and 25 paylines.
  • Randomly summon the Bacchanal Wheel for a 500x Bacchanal Board bonus.
  • Multiplier up to 2000x
  • When the sword comes out, the whole row is WILD.
  • Very high multiplier bonuses for adult case management.