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The number one online entertainment site in the Philippines with a wide variety of games. This includes most players' favorite soccer betting, various slot games, live casino experience and fun fishing games with various bonuses for a comfortable gaming time.

If you want to get into the casino quickly, it's easy, just follow the steps below to sign up and it will only take a few minutes to complete the application.

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Advantages of registering with jiliko

  • There are thousands of slot games
  • There are many different prizes
  • Simple website design
  • Professional customer service
  • Quick deposit

The disadvantages of registering jiliko

  • Not much variety of betting games
  • Less types of sports bettingา

Application process :

  1. Players can see the word "Sign up" on the top of their cell phones or web pages
  2. Enter your ID (alternating between capital letters and numbers for the recommended ID, 8 or more in total)
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. After completing the application, log in with your user name and click on "Member Center". This is the top right corner where it says to fill in your personal information (please fill in your bank account information. The information provided by the player must match only the registered name.

Promotion Application :

The next step after completing your ID card is to apply for promotion.

  1. Click "Member Center" >>>> "Promotion" at the top of your phone screen.
  2. Select "Apply" >>>> and choose the promotion you want to apply.

How do I make a deposit on the website?

After completing your ID card, the next step is to apply for promotion.

  1. Please click "Member Center"
  2. Click "Deposit, Withdrawal" on the left side
  3. Select "Auto Deposit"

The bank account used to make the deposit must be a registered account.

How to withdraw money from the website

There are 3 main types of deposit procedures in jiliko: GCash, QR Code and through the banking system.
There are several ways to do this:

  1. Click on "Member Center"
  2. Click on "Deposit, Withdrawal" on the left side, then select "Withdrawal".
  3. Select "One Click Transfer" and the money stored in your eWallet will be credited to your main wallet.
  4. Fill in the withdrawal information:
    • GCash deposits start at ₱200. The advantages of this deposit method are instant credit adjustment and no account verification, but you must go through an intermediary to access the banking system again.
    • QR code can be deposited by opening the bank application and scanning the QR code from ₱100. This method does not require a slideshow, but first, you should check if your online account is correct.
    • Bank system (ATM, Phone Banking) Deposits start from ₱100 and do not require a deposit transaction like QR code.

If members use their local bank, they should not deposit within 22.00-04.00 because the bank may shut down the system for maintenance, making it impossible to check the balance on the website.

jiliko Security System

The jiliko casino has a very effective security system in addition to providing 24-hour service to its members. The systems at work here have been thoroughly checked to ensure strict confidentiality and privacy in the games for the members. The security of VIP members' personal information is protected. Therefore, it uses the same encryption technology used by banks all over the world. The information that players send to jiliko, whether it is personal information, transaction information or bank numbers will be provided with third party privacy protection. jiliko is a legally licensed online gambling company that is very fair and secure. Therefore, Filipino players and foreign players can easily enjoy betting with jiliko.