jiliko agent

You are making a lot of money on the site and when you find the site interesting. You can choose to apply for an agent, which is a way to earn money through jiliko. jiliko is happy to have you on board and offers a membership program that will allow you to profit for a long time and help you work smoothly and earn money easily. We will explain how to join as an agent right away.

jiliko Commissions

jiliko commissions are distributed according to the status of the bets you receive from members. jiliko will share the profits based on the profits generated by your referred players, if the profits are negative, the company will be responsible for it. welcome to join jiliko members, let's work together.

Active Members Minimum number of players Monthly Net Income We share net income
1 player 5+ 1~100,000 35%
2 players 100,001~3,000,000 40%
3 players 3,000,001~10,000,000 45%
4 players 10,000,001+ 50%

Commission Calculation: Commission = Commission Percentage * (Web Service-Real Loss)* Percentage Affiliate A Member Earn 100,000 Net Profit Number of Members 1 or more

Calculated as follows:

Net profit 100,000 * 35% = 35,000 (profitable affiliates)


  1. When the monthly commission is received and one of the above conditions is met, it is calculated according to the criteria of the first condition and the target is reached first.
  2. If there is a negative amount in the partner's account, it will be accumulated for the next month until it reaches 500 Baht + 3, and the commission will be cleared at the beginning of each month. Members should clear their commissions by the 2nd-5th of each month.

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