About jiliko

jiliko Entertainment City is headquartered in the business district of Manila, Philippines, and is legally licensed by the local government. All games released are strictly scrutinized by the Gaming Commission of the Philippines and Macau, and there is a GLI laboratory auditor to provide a fair gaming environment for customers.

The jiliko entertainment site offers very good customer service and quality where players can get high quality games, so that they can play easily and comfortably both outdoors and indoors.

To protect the security of VIP player information, the site uses the same encryption technology as global banks. Personal information sent to jiliko by players, whether it is transaction data or bank numbers, etc., is privately protected with third-party monitoring, and jiliko provides maximum protection for its users.

Players can get high quality entertainment here. In addition to providing a wealth of quality games, jiliko also places great importance on customer satisfaction. Therefore, every new employee of the company must undergo a vocational training and internship period in order to bring quality service to every customer.

Join jiliko

For anyone who wishes to become a VIP member of jiliko, the only requirement is that the member must have an accumulated deposit of at least ₱20,000 and there is no time limit on the deposit balance.

After making a deposit, ask for a VIP promotion by asking the administrator at @jiliko


jiliko's promotions

For jiliko, the number one entertainment site in the Philippines, there are various promotional level prizes. jiliko knows what players want and collects information to constantly provide the most generous benefits to players and offers various bonus rewards, game room prizes and VIP rewards. There are many game room prizes and VIP rewards.

The following are the bonus events on the website that players can use for reference.

jiliko's interesting game types

jiliko has 5 main types of betting games:

Quality customer service

This business competes fiercely with many entertainment network networks and all casinos try to use the most advanced technology to meet the needs of their customers and above all the quality of service, the way of communication between staff and players is a very important part.

The casino itself exists to prepare players for the many unexpected problems that arise during the game, and likewise, the staff must be ready to solve problems and be trained to speak multiple languages through real chat.

jiliko is one of the well-known online casinos in the Philippines, with many other games and free bonuses that are real cash prizes. The site is partnered with well-known providers such as JDB, PNG, CQ9, SA, SBO, etc. and also offers a full range of services.