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Roulette is an easy-to-learn betting game. Before you decide to start betting, you need to understand the three elements of roulette: the first is the roulette wheel, which is marked with 37 individual numbers, the numbers are printed in different colors, and the ball. Unlike the cards, there are different betting options on the cards It is important to note that the colored chips used in roulette are only available on certain tables, which means they cannot be spun with other tables. Therefore, before leaving the table, the player must return the colored chips and convert them to cash.

The betting methods and accompanying rates are as follows:

  • Direct Bet - Place your bet on the number you want, paying 1:35
  • Split Bet - A bet between two adjacent numbers paying 1:17
  • Cross Bet - bets on three consecutive numbers at 1:11
  • Corner Bet - bets on four numbers at 1:8
  • Straight Bet - bets on the next two rows pay 1:5
  • Sideways Bet - bets on horizontal numbers at 1:2
  • 12 Number Bet - Bets are limited to 12 numbers and pay 1:2
  • Red/Black - Bets will pay 1:1 for red and black dots
  • Even/Odd - bets on odd or even numbers pay 1:1
  • Under/Over - bets on low (1-18) or high results (19-36) pay 1:1
  • Note: If the ball stops at 0, then all surrounding bets will fail