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Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a variation of Baccarat, the betting method is the same as Baccarat, the game uses 8 decks of cards, unlike Baccarat, only one card is needed to decide the winner. From the English name (The big Battle), one would think that it is a big battle, a big battle. With that being said, I believe the question arises "this is just a small game, so what could it be?"

Description :

Dragon Tiger Tournament is a card game, determined by the score of the cards. It is not compared by card face, but in comparison, the king is the biggest card and the ace is the smallest card.

How to play :

How to play Dragon Tiger Battle, this game uses eight decks of cards. Players can bet on Dragon, Tiger, Ping, Odd Dragon, Even Dragon, Odd Tiger, Double Tiger, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Tiger, Black Dragon.

Even/Odd rules :

Aces are 1 point, Jacks are 11 points, Queens are 12 points, Kings are 13 points, and odd and even numbers are divided by the number of points.

Black/Red rule :

Spades and Clubs are black, Hearts and Diamonds are red.

Winning Tip :

The players place their chips on the table and then you draw two cards from the deck. One card has red and black dragons, while the other card has white and green tigers. Whichever color or symbol appears first will determine the winner. So if you place your bet on red dragons, you'll win if a red dragon comes out before a green one does in your first two cards drawn from the deck. If you want to win big at Dragon Tiger, the best thing you can do is keep track of the suits that have been played. In this way, you'll be able to calculate which suit remains in the deck and play your cards based on probability. If the diamonds suit have been played more than other cards and there are many left in the deck, it would be smart to place your bet on that suit next.