jiliko poker games


The objective of the game is to predict whether a shooter will make points of different values before not make one. Points can be made from rolling combinations of dice that add up to 7 or 11, called “natural.” When making a point, if you bet on it and lose, you have to make that amount again by betting before you can continue


A game of craps is a game of chance. The shooter’s success is not dependent on skill; it depends on luck and chance (the number on the dice). The shooter has many chances to roll a winning roll before losing control of the dice. Although the shooter has many chances, only one person wins!

  • The Pass Line bet is the most common and easiest to understand of all bets. A player ranks this number on the table in front of him and each time a point is rolled, he wins if the same number is rolled again before 7 is rolled.
  • A Don't Pass bet is a wager available only to the player in the game and can not be made by the dealer. When a player bets on the Don't Pass, they are betting that the next roll of the dice will result in a 2, 3 or 12 and this will help them win.
  • Come Bet: The same rules apply as for over-the-line bets, which are bets within bets.
  • Don't Come Bet: similar to the Don't Pass bet, the same rules apply, this is a bet within a bet.
  • Live Bet: If any of the numbers in the field box appear, the player wins, and the live bet can also be called a "single toss bet.