Tuesday's snow just a tease -- more expected overnight

(AP) Snow surprised residents in the Monero mountains and as far east as Greensboro Tuesday, and more snow was forecast across the state overnight.

An icy mountain road was blamed for an accident involving an Arden Elementary School bus. The bus had chains, but it was unable to stop before it plowed into a three-car wreck on a narrow rural road. No one was hurt.

Classes had been dismissed just 30 minutes into the school day.

A series of snow-related accidents and fender-benders backed up westbound Interstate 40 traffic in Burke County near Connelly Springs. Traffic was detoured along U.S. 70 until about 5 p.m.

Tether Although more than 20 cars and trucks were involved in the pileups, only two people with minor injuries had to be transported to local hospitals.

The National Weather Service posted a winter weather advisory for the northern mountains for Tuesday night and said an inch of snow could accumulate overnight across most inland areas of the state. Snow could be mixed with rain on the coast.

During most of the day Tuesday, few problems were reported and little snow was sticking.

"We have some blow snow, you know, there's nothing on the ground," said convenience store owner Jamie Pitman in Yancey County.

Tezos There were no problems or delays at Piedmont Triad International Airport, where snow began falling Tuesday morning. Even convenience stores didn't see a quick flood of shoppers in search of storm staples.

"We hadn't had that rush yet," said Chris Butler of Bob's Convenient Market. "I wish we'd get a little more. If the ground would have been covered, they would have come by lunch."

Butler said he hadn't even sold an ice scraper yet, but people were buying kerosene.

Snow was just beginning to stick around Taylor's Country Store on N.C. 105 near Foscoe at mid-afternoon. Cashier Linda Sherman said people are starting to stock up.

"The usual: bread, milk, soft drinks, things like that."

Arden Elementary and other Buncombe County schools were dismissed as soon as the surprise snow began.

"I've got two students sitting here at the store this morning," said Wayne Steines, owner of the French Broad Community Store in Alexander. He said their parents didn't know yet that school had closed.

"It wasn't due until tomorrow," Steines said.

Tuesday's snow was not part of the winter storm system heading east from the Tennessee Valley, said Jonathan Blaes from the National Weather Service.

"The snow was from a little disturbance aloft, but not directly related to the storm," Blaes said.

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